Impact Investing

Impact investing takes many forms. With opportunities across the risk spectrum and around the world, the term impact investing can be hard to define. At Clean Energy Advisors, we spend much time and effort analyzing the impact of our portfolios. Each investment we create has real and measurable impact. Our commitment to the environment and to the advancement of alternative energy sources demands that we pay strict attention to the positive impact created by deploying investor capital.


Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of our renewable energy portfolios is easy to measure. Just as predictable as the income from these investments is the amount of carbon off-set by creating electricity from renewable energy sources. We use real-time tracking to monitor the impact of each project and report that to our investors.


Social Impact

While the environmental impact of a renewable energy project is well known, the social impact can be just as significant. At Clean Energy Advisors we oversee the development of each project we acquire in an effort to ensure that local workers are employed and that the local economies where our projects are located experience positive economic impact.

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